1 * got 0.95; 2023-12-08
2 see git repository history for per-change authorship information
3 - plug memory leaks in checkout, update, and status commands
4 - gotwebd: repair the "chroot" option in /etc/gotwebd.conf; regression from 0.94
5 - gotwebd: add breadcumbs to navigate paths in tree/blob/commits/blame views
6 - gotwebd: add a dark mode, enabled based on web-browser preferences
7 - gotwebd: add History/Blob/Raw-File links to blob and blame views
8 - gotwebd: adjust blob line numbers for text-mode browsers
9 - gotwebd: make the blame view work in text-mode browsers
10 - gotwebd: add a Patch action to serve diffs in plain text
11 - gotwebd: add Patch and Tree links to the diff view
12 - gotwebd: display README files in tree views
13 - gotwebd: display a tree-listing and README files in the summary view
14 - gotwebd: render less tags in the summary page to make space for other content
15 - gotwebd: swap order of tags and branch listings on the summary page
16 - gotwebd: display 'More' link instead of 'prev/next' links in the tag listing
18 * got 0.94; 2023-11-29
19 see git repository history for per-change authorship information
20 - in diff error message, say what was being diffed
21 - gotwebd.css: vertically align briefs age and author
22 - honor fetch_all_branches configuration again
23 - tog: switch back to patience diff algorithm by default for pretty diffs
24 - gotwebd: render all the datetimes in a time tag
25 - slightly reword 'got merge' documentation to hopefully be more clear
26 - make 'tog diff' release the work-tree lock earlier
27 - got patch: handle embedded NULs in lines of patch files with binary data
28 - simplify usage of the 'mesg' histedit script command
29 - fix some fd leaks in error paths and avoid some double-close()
30 - use ibuf_fd_set() instead of reaching into the ibuf struct
31 - gotwebd: remove dead ipproto handling in host() and host_if()
32 - allow setting variables in gotd.conf syntax
33 - fix gotwebd unveil permissions; gotwebd now runs entirely read-only
34 - reduce gotwebd pledges to the minimum currently required
35 - gotwebd.conf: drop support for inferring listen addresses via interface names
36 - gotwebd.conf: use listen * instead of listen "" to listen on any address
37 - gotwebd: get rid of got_sockaddr.[ch] usage to help -portable
38 - allow gotd repo read/write processes to max out data-size resource limits
39 - gotwebd: replace proc.c with much simpler code
40 - gotwebd: don't chdir to / before spawning the child processes
41 - remove the quite ineffective gotwebd repository cache to fix stability issues
42 - fix memory leak on error in got_privsep_recv_painted_commits()
43 - gotwebd: fix broken signal catching
44 - detect concurrent changes to the set of pack files while matching object IDs
46 * got 0.93; 2023-09-18
47 see git repository history for per-change authorship information
48 - show out-of-memory errors from zlib inflate() and deflate() calls
49 - make 'got fetch' and 'got send' release the work tree lock earlier
50 - tog: add basic regress for log limit and log search
51 - fix "no git repository found" on locked work trees; regression from 0.91
52 - gotwebd: CSS improvements, looks much better in text-based browsers
53 - gotwebd: don't lose track of the current file during commit log pagination
54 - gotwebd: move buffering from the fastcgi layer to the template layer
55 - got diff: fix "No newline at end of file" showing up where not expected
56 - make 'got send' detect connections unexpectedly closed by server
57 - fix detection of modified files in fresh work trees created with checkout -E
58 - gotd: fix bogus "gotsh: operation timed out" errors; regression from 0.92
60 * got 0.92; 2023-08-29
61 see git repository history for per-change authorship information
62 - allow modified files to be deleted during merges if content exists in repo
63 - disallow overlapping repo and work tree in 'got checkout'
64 - speed up opening of the work tree's file-index
65 - speed up deltification by resizing block hash tables less often
66 - add support for commit keywords to 'got log -x'
67 - fix 'got log -dPp' diffstat duplication bug
68 - improve out-of-date reporting accuracy in 'got branch -l' output
69 - document that the log -d option implies log -P
70 - prevent file-index corruption via deletion of missing locally-added files
71 - prevent a double-free in got_worktree_commit
72 - fix regression from 0.76: 'got diff' output matches /usr/bin/diff -p again
73 - gotsh: do not set POLLOUT flag if there is no data to send, for portability
74 - gotd: stop logging "unexpected end of file" when client decides to disconnect
75 - make gotd flush pending messages before disconnecting the client upon success
76 - gotwebd: fix bogus modification times displayed when show_repo_age is off
77 - tog: show work tree base commit marker in the log view
78 - tog: fix an infinite loop that could be triggered via log view search
79 - plug a memory leak in tog's blame view
80 - tog regress: prevent crash in ncurses when Ctrl-C is used to cancel test runs
81 - tog regress: fix occasional failures due to commit timestamp mismatch
82 - regress: nix 'set -A' kshism from tests for portability
84 * got 0.91; 2023-07-19
85 see git repository history for per-change authorship information
86 - use _POSIX_HOST_NAME_MAX from <limits.h> for portability
87 - add merge -M option which tells 'got merge' not to fast-forward a reference
88 - make gitwrapper ignore "permission denied" errors for repository paths
89 - add cvg(1), a CVS-like Git client; still WIP and not installed by default yet
90 - add initial implementation of 'gotadmin dump' which creates Git bundle files
91 - add initial implementation of 'gotadmin load' which loads Git bundle files
92 - gotadmin cleanup: consider object reachability while cleaning packfiles
93 - gotadmin cleanup: don't delete pack files that are too young
94 - prevent useless EEXIST errors filling up the global custom error array
95 - abort histedit if the user quits the editor without saving the script
96 - fix double-free in tog blame view error path
97 - add support for keywords as <commit> arguments to got and tog
99 * got 0.90; 2023-06-23
100 see git repository history for per-change authorship information
101 - fix segfault in 'got diff' when a root commit is passed to -c
102 - make 'got status' error out as intended when invoked in a repository
103 - make 'got tree /' succeed in a work tree
104 - make 'got add *' more forgiving about versioned paths on the command line
105 - make 'got merge' forward branches if there are no changes to merge
106 - prevent 'got merge' from creating commits on branches outside "refs/heads/"
107 - got, tog: show reference names that begin with the prefix "HEAD" as intended
108 - gotd: unveil repositories read-only in session process while serving fetches
109 - gotd: avoid a "failed to push some refs" error from no-op 'git push'
110 - gotd: avoid re-writing existing ref files when a ref-update is a no-op
111 - gotd: show relevant commit hashes in error message if incoming pushes collide
112 - gotd: wait asynchronously for child process termination
113 - gotwebd: avoid the slowness of needlessly traversing full commit history
114 - gotwebd.conf: disallow 1 for max_commits_display and report range errors
115 - gotwebd.conf: disallow yes/no for booleans to avoid accidental "on" vs. "no"
116 - gotwebd: avoid "gotweb_render_index: repo.git: unexpected end of file" error
117 - gotwebd: simplify the matching of requests against servers in gotwebd.conf
118 - ignore files with invalid reference names while reading references from disk
119 - teach 'gotadmin cleanup' to remove redundant pack files
120 - grab file during cleanup operation to block 'git gc' from running
122 * got 0.89; 2023-06-05
123 see git repository history for per-change authorship information
124 - gotd: return early after disconnect on auth event error instead of crashing
125 - make 'got patch' display statistics about files with conflicts and rejects
126 - make 'got diff' not treat \r\n line endings as special
127 - fix test failures in test_blame_lines_shifted_skip on certain times of day
128 - show reference labels next to commit messages in tog log view
129 - some gotwebd refactoring related to handling of file descriptors
130 - gotwebd: lower log priority of unexpected disconnections
131 - gotwebd: avoid needless double fseek()
132 - fix the size of gotwebd's tempfiles array; exposed by errors from ftruncate()
133 - simplify ancestry checks in checkout, update, rebase, and merge commands
134 - make gitwrapper not fail if programs it wants to run do not exist on disk
135 - stop showing backup references in the tog log and diff views
136 - consistently use ten Xs in mkstemp(3) templates
137 - only delete empty directories which appear in arguments to 'got rm'
138 - simplify parsing of host names and IP addresses in gotwebd's parse.y
139 - make 'got merge' refuse to run if a merge is in progress
140 - make 'got merge -c' fail even if new changes only affect unrelated paths
142 * got 0.88; 2023-04-29
143 see git repository history for per-change authorship information
144 - tog: always use alternate charset for vertical/horizontal line
145 - several tog regression test suite improvements
146 - run the tog tests as part of the default regress set
147 - tog: resize log view if toggling fullscreen from child view
148 - when finding changed paths iterate tree entries in on-disk order for speed
149 - cache fulltext data in delta cache to improve speed with long delta chains
150 - gotwebd: fix logic error in gotweb_render_index
152 * got 0.87; 2023-04-19
153 see git repository history for per-change authorship information
154 - add gitwrapper(1)
155 - tog: resume blame and diff search from the first line
156 - fix crash in got log due to NULL-deref in got_object_blob_close
157 - add support for protecting references against 'got send -f' to gotd
158 - fix spurious empty packfile error from gotd when rewinding a branch
159 - tog: implement automated test harness
160 - update the base commit ID of unmodified files if the blob ID matches
161 - fix rebase/histedit -a leaving some files on the temporary branch
162 - make 'got revert' and 'got rm' work on non-existent directories
163 - got: flush stdout before printing the error in main()
164 - when aborting rebase/histedit/merge, unlink files added by merged changes
165 - fix 'got commit' using a bad parent commit ID when worktree is out-of-date
166 - allow no-op merge commits to be created
167 - fix sending merge commits
168 - show how to fetch a pull request in got.1 pull request example section
170 * got 0.86; 2023-03-12
171 see git repository history for per-change authorship information
172 - fix race condition on NFS where log-message file's modify time may change
173 - fix gotd sending too large pack files in some cases
174 - support histedit fold operations which delete a file and then add it again
175 - make diffing files which changed into dirs and vice-versa possible
176 - handle files changing into directories during 'got update'
177 - add quoting to repository path sent to server for git-shell compatibility
178 - gotwebd: handle short reads and timeouts
179 - gotwebd: provide gotweb_render_page() entrypoint for all pages
180 - gotwebd: reply with non-200 HTTP status code on error
182 * got 0.85; 2023-03-07
183 see git repository history for per-change authorship information
184 - gotwebd: add missing colon in diff view (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
185 - more preparation for eventual sha256 object ID support
186 - add test coverage for more tree conflict cases during merges
187 - fall back to vi(1) instead of ed(1) if neither EDITOR nor VISUAL are set
188 - in got.1, clarify what users are expected to do during 'histedit -e'
189 - gotd requires a config file; don't fail silently when it cannot be read
190 - regress: replace unportable ln -h option with rm && ln
191 - regress: make cmdline tests POSIX /bin/sh compatible
192 - gotd: remove more (all?) double process names in log
193 - don't pass -d to yacc during the build (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
194 - regress: override locale settings to force the "C" locale
195 - regress: replace "sed -i" with ed(1) for portable in-place editing
196 - fix gotd sometimes reading reused deltas from wrong pack file
198 * got 0.84; 2023-02-22
199 too many changes to list all here; see git repository history for more;
200 and see git repository history for per-change authorship information
201 - add 'got histedit -d' flag to drop all commits
202 - show worktree UUID in backout/cherrypick -l output
203 - several changes in preparation for eventual SHA256 object ID support
204 - make 'got rebase' work when the to-be-rebased branch has no parent commit
205 - fix bad line-wrapping in tog ref and tree views
206 - add horizontal scrolling support to tog ref and tree views
207 - create .pack and .idx files with filemode 0444, like Git does
208 - make 'got fetch' fetch the work tree's current branch as an implicit fallback
209 - improve 'got fetch' behaviour when work tree's branch is not on server
210 - gotwebd: fix briefs/tags navigation overlap
211 - drop double process name from some gotd logs
212 - tog: fix high CPU usage issue after starting search (reported by Mikhail)
213 - fix gotd exiting with abnormal error during client connection teardown
214 - fix gotd segfault in libevent while disconnecting clients
215 - tweak 'got commit' log-message validation: now checks timestamp and size > 0
216 - gotwebd: abort blame if the client disconnects midway through
217 - make 'got fetch -b branch' only fetch the named branch
218 - got/tog/gotadmin: call pledge(2) earlier where possible
219 - no longer error out if redundant "got commit -A $GOT_AUTHOR" option is used
220 - add 'gotadmin pack' -D flag to force generation of ref-deltas in pack files
221 - make 'got fetch' update cached HEAD symref if it has changed in remote repo
222 - add commit/histedit/merge/rebase -C option to commit unresolved conflicts
223 - make 'got status' check for merge conflict markers on newly added lines only
224 - fix read/write out of bounds in gitconfig file parser (reported by James Cook)
225 - fix "got fetch" hanging if remote repo is out-of-date (reported by James Cook)
226 - ignore patterns with trailing "/" now match directories (suggested by Lucas)
227 - make 'got merge' honour author setting in gitconfig (reported by James Cook)
228 - sync default values shown in gotwebd.conf(5) EXAMPLES section
229 - fix parsing of indented comments in gitconfig file (reported by James Cook)
230 - fix tog diff between arbitrary commits; regression from 0.80
232 * got 0.83; 2023-01-30
233 - fix usage display error in got merge command (patch by Mikhail)
234 - fix missing commits in pack files created with packed object enumeration
235 - avoid traversing enumerated commits more than once in got-read-pack
236 - fix ulimit-related test failures on sparc64 (tracey)
237 - got commit editor now shows log messages from backout and cherrypick (jamsek)
238 - new cherrypick/backout -l option to show recorded log messages (jamsek)
239 - new cherrypick/backout -X option to discard recorded log messages (jamsek)
240 - gotd: implement the delete-refs capability (op)
241 - fix histedit -m on a commit which only changes filemode bits
242 - gotsh.1: show how to set up anonymous public read-only repository access
244 * got 0.82; 2023-01-23
245 - fix comparison in tree object parser always evaluating to false (jamsek)
246 - add missing bounds-check in gitproto ref-line tokenizer
247 - gotd.8 and gotwebd.8 man page improvements (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
248 - make gotd session process accept just one flush packet at a time
249 - sort ENVIRONMENT entries in got.1 and tog.1 (op)
250 - only forward implicit flush packets from gotsh if they are expected
251 - return GOT_ERR_EOF from pkt.c if a read attempt indicates EOF
252 - treat read errors from client socket in gotsh as fatal errors
253 - gotwebd: refactor gotweb_render_content_type/_file (op)
254 - gotwebd: turn gotweb_get_time_str into gotweb_render_age (op)
255 - gotwebd: don't list references per-commit in got_get_repo_commits (op)
256 - gotwebd: avoid history traversal in briefs/commits, kill "prev" button (op)
257 - gotd: disconnect on client EOF error to avoid stale connections (op)
258 - gotsh: validate with parse_command before connecting (op)
259 - add a test for ssh connections to gotsh without a repo path argument (op)
260 - gotsh: avoid a temporary buffer for the socket path (op)
261 - gotsh: move apply_unveil right after the first pledge (op)
262 - fix tog refreshing the screen more often than intended (jamsek)
263 - tog: show action report on user-toggleable event (patch by Mikhail, jamsek)
264 - don't print empty line when exiting tog (jamsek)
265 - got: don't leak pathlist in commit and revert commands (jamsek)
266 - gotd: fix wrong PIDs for parent and child processes shown in logs
268 * got 0.81; 2023-01-18
269 - gotd: print configuration errors without -d (op)
270 - gotd: move nrepos check to parse_config (op)
271 - gotd: move socket path check to parse.y and error from the main process (op)
272 - fix an issue where multiple ref-updates are rejected by gotd
273 - fix an issue where gotd fails to accept multiple have-lines from clients
274 - regress: replace typeset with printf for shell portability (naddy)
275 - fix spurious "gotsh: unexpected flush packet" error when client is up-to-date
276 - gotd: fix "bad packfile with zero objects" error while creating branches
277 - document the gotd -n option
279 * got 0.80; 2023-01-17
280 too many changes to list all here; see git repository history for more
281 - implement per-repository read/write authorization rules in gotd
282 - add a gotd "listen" process which watches the unix socket
283 - add a gotd "session" process, split off from the parent process
284 - switch gotd from chroot(2) to unveil(2)
285 - run gotd authentication in a separate child process
286 - enforce a per-uid connection limit in the gotd listen process
287 - introduce connection options to gotd.conf
288 - gotd: allow to express timeouts using minutes/hours (op)
289 - switch gotd.conf syntax from 'unix_socket' to 'listen on'
290 - remove the gotsh group requirement from gotd; any user can now connect
291 - expose 'gotctl info' output only to the root user
292 - remove support for showing client capabilities in 'gotctl info'
293 - farewell, gotweb. you served us well. rm gotweb (tracey)
294 - lots of gotwebd refactoring (op)
295 - gotwebd: use a templating system to render HTML (op)
296 - gotwebd: add an RSS feed for the tags (op)
297 - gotwebd: remove erratic horizontal scrolling (op)
298 - gotwebd.conf: use `listen on socket' syntax for UNIX sockets too (op)
299 - gotwebd: render BLOB inline, add BLOBRAW for serving raw blobs (op)
300 - gotwebd: css: fix horizontal overflow in blob and blame pages (op)
301 - gotwebd: urlencode also the double quote character (op)
302 - gotwebd: make commit page more like `got log' / tog (op)
303 - cope with deleted references when reloading the tog log view
304 - tog: fix typo that breaks log search when in hsplit (jamsek)
305 - tog: always echo input prompt to bottom left of screen (jamsek)
306 - make 'tog log' display the committer handle by default, '@' switches to author
307 - tog: add mutt-like =/* keymaps as home/end aliases (patch by Mikhail)
308 - implement diffstat display for got log, got diff, and tog diff (jamsek)
309 - show from: and via: headers on consecutive lines in 'got log' and 'tog log'
310 - show full URL during got clone/fetch/send (op)
311 - make 'got send' print errors reported by the server (op)
312 - fix 'got rebase' not detecting an out-of-date work tree in some cases
313 - reduce max amount of tags stored in object cache to avoid high memory usage
314 - avoid copying reused deltas to delta cache file; copy from pack file instead
315 - got patch: handle the removal of binary files (op)
316 - fix uninitialised variables in libexec helpers (jamsek)
317 - got: minor refactor of got_pathlist_free() API (jamsek)
318 - fix indexing of pack files which contain ref-deltas
320 * got 0.79; 2022-11-08
321 - repair build on OpenBSD/sparc64 (patch by Ted Bullock)
322 - fix crash in gotd if client gets disconnected on error (reported by Mikhail)
323 - fix crash in got-send-pack when server does not announce any capabilities
324 - make gotd work as intended on an empty repository
325 - prevent freeing of bogus pointers in got_inflate_end() and got_deflate_end()
326 - reduce delta cache size to avoid running out of memory on large pack files
327 - add missing free of delta buffers in several error paths
328 - make 'got clone -b' work for repositories which lack a valid HEAD reference
329 - use sub-second precision when checking for objects/pack/ modification
330 - fix capabilities announced by gotsh when no references exist in repository
332 * got 0.78; 2022-11-03
333 - gotsh.1: Use Sx for referencing EXAMPLES (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
334 - change got_pack_parse_offset_delta tslen argument to size_t (op)
335 - fix regression test failures with Git 2.30.5 / 2.38.1 or later installed
336 - fix gotd(8) usage() string (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
337 - regress/ remove accidentally included absolute path to "got" (naddy)
338 - fix off_t type mismatches in printf format string arguments (naddy, op)
339 - fix spelling of "FastCGI" (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
340 - add missing `goto done;' on error path of read_raw_delta_data() (op)
341 - add bounds check when reading a delta offset from a packed object (op)
342 - check size before calling mmap(2) (op)
343 - sort getopt() option lists and switch statements (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
344 - make got.conf(5) warn about remotes configured in locally-shared repositories
345 - add missing check for errors from got_gotconfig_read() in open_worktree()
346 - plug a memory leak on error in got_gotconfig_read()
347 - convert pack filesize variables to off_t for large packs on 32-bit arch (op)
348 - remove sendfd pledge promise from gotd repo_read and repo_write processes
349 - add gotctl(8); initially supported commands are 'info' and 'stop'
350 - respect umask when creating or changing files and directories (op)
351 - fix typo which caused a double-free in gotd repo_write_shutdown()
352 - got-fetch-pack: fix wrong memmove length leading to dubious checksum failures
353 - avoid incomplete writes of pack file data in gotsh and got-send-pack
354 - add a test suite for gotd(8); check basic clone and send functionality
355 - require space between commit author name and email, for Git compatibility
356 - gotwebd: avoid 500 error code if erroring out in plaintext mode (landry)
357 - gotwebd: add respect_exportok flag, defaulting to off (landry)
358 - respect open files resource limit when sizing pack cache; regression from 0.71
359 - provide a diff of changes in a temp file while editing a commit log message
360 - fix memory and file descriptor leak for raw objects; regression from 0.77
361 - remove casts which made older gcc versions unhappy
362 - fix free of wrong address on error in gotweb's parse.y
364 * got 0.77; 2022-10-24
365 - disallow integrating into references outside refs/heads/ (jrick)
366 - gotwebd.conf: add syntax for defining macros and document them (op)
367 - simplify the way 'got patch' opens a tempfile when reading from stdin
368 - lots of refactoring to allow gotd(8) code to run without libexec helpers
369 - more refactoring to allow gotd(8) to stream packfile data on network sockets
370 - add missing error checking around some unlink(2) syscalls
371 - don't crash if delta cache is missing while combining deltas; for dev builds
372 - allow got_object_parse_tree() to reuse entries buffer allocations for speed
373 - show a more useful error if the size of a packed object won't fit in 64 bits
374 - switch integers used for counting objects while indexing packs to unsigned
375 - refresh cached list of pack index paths while searching a packed object
376 - introduce gotd(8) and gotsh(1); WIP and not yet provided in binary packages
377 - close parent's end of imsg pipe before waiting for a child process to exit
378 - fix detection of SIGTERM in tog; this signal was accidentally being ignored
379 - avoid printing harmless errors that can occur when tog exits due to Ctrl-C
381 * got 0.76; 2022-09-23
382 - gotwebd documentation fixes
383 - tog: extend log view author highlight colour to full field width (jamsek)
384 - tog: make headline highlight extend the full view width (jamsek)
385 - make got_commit_graph_iter_next use caller-provided storage for the id (op)
386 - tog: add new log view limit feature to filter commits (patch by Mikhail + op)
387 - tog: respect current cursor position during log search (patch by Mikhail)
388 - tog: implement runtime help accessible via H,F1 keymaps (jamsek)
389 - add gotadmin init -b <branch> to specify repo head ref (jamsek)
390 - ensure got patch respects x-bit perms for new files (jamsek)
391 - gotwebd: drop needless NULL check (op)
392 - show file mode for new added files in work tree diffs (jamsek)
393 - fix wrong function prototypes shown in diff hunk headers (thj@freebsd, jamsek)
395 * got 0.75; 2022-09-07
396 too many changes to list all here; see git repository history for more
397 - unlink temporary files created during ssh signature verification
398 - add gotwebd, a fast-cgi server and successor of gotweb (tracey)
399 - lots of release-preparation work on gotwebd (naddy, op, tracey, stsp)
400 - cast argument of type rlim_t to unsigned long long to match the %llu (naddy)
401 - tog: add key to toggle author/committer in log view (op)
402 - make our email address parsing closer to Git's parsing rules (op)
403 - got commit: add -A flag to specify the author of a patch (op)
404 - tog: alias J and K to > and < keybindings for diff view (patch by Mikhail)
405 - fix 'got cat' printing commit author instead of committer (op)
406 - tog: add 'L' key to blame view; opens log view for the annotated line (jamsek)
407 - don't chug along if repo format version is unsupported (florian)
408 - fix dead stores to variables, found with LLVM's scan-build (florian)
409 - fix unitialized error return (florian)
410 - make sure got_repo_pack_fds_close() frees a malloc'ed pointer (florian)
411 - prevent memory leak when asprintf fails (florian)
412 - prevent use-after-free of packed_refs_path in error path (florian)
413 - got_repo_pack_fds_close: don't close(0) (patch by Lucas)
414 - reset committer's name+email during rebase and histedit
415 - tog: fix unintentional move of cursor after closing child views (jamsek)
416 - tog: uppercase all the key maps which open new views (jamsek)
417 - make 'got histedit' fetch author info from Git configuration as a fallback
418 - fix 'got patch -R' when using diff3 merge (op)
419 - add GOT_IGNORE_GITCONFIG env var to force ignoring of Git config files
420 - fix off_t type mismatches (naddy)
421 - got patch: error if patchfile isn't a regular file (op)
422 - make 'got patch' apply pledge(2) earlier (op)
423 - got/tog diff: fix accounting for line-endings in files containing CRLF (op)
424 - got patch: add -c flag to apply at a specified commit (op)
425 - fix two missing error checks in tog (found by florian with scan-build)
426 - remove pointless repo_close + leaked error (found by florian with scan-build)
427 - tog: add n{G,g} key map to jump to line n like less(1) (jamsek)
428 - diff: re-alloc arrays in larger chunks for up to 3x more performance (jamsek)
429 - fix whitespace-related issues when 'got patch' is matching a hunk (op)
430 - tog: add keymaps to jump to next/prev file/hunk in the diff view (jamsek)
431 - fix 'got tag' not tagging the work tree's current branch by default
432 - tog log: don't block while loading commits after 'G' key was pressed (jamsek)
433 - man pages: group options in accordance to style(9) (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
434 - man pages: Replace 'Ar sign' with 'Cm sign' (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
435 - don't add trailing \0 to signed tag objects; fixes interop with Github (jrick)
436 - use Xo/Xc in the man pages (patch by Josiah Frentsos)
437 - fix diffing two blobs by object ID with 'got diff' (jamsek)
438 - refresh pack-index path list if mtime of the objects/pack directory changed
439 - diff3: switch diff output mode from "edscript" to "plain" (patch by Tom Jones)
440 - use the faster plain-diff headers-only mode for diff3
441 - do not segfault while verifying "lightweight" tags (jrick)
442 - don't search through ignored paths and files on commit (sdk)
443 - plug a lot of memory leaks (op)
444 - forbid rebase of references outside the "refs/heads/" namespace
445 - fflush(stdout) after asking questions; improves got-portable behaviour (op)
446 - fix bug where 'got branch -lt' produced duplicate listings of a branch
447 - tog: ensure stdin is a tty to guard against 'tog < /dev/null' etc. (jamsek)
449 * got 0.74; 2022-07-14
450 - cast printf argument of type time_t to long long to match the %lld (naddy)
451 - add missing revoked_signers grammar to got.conf(5) (jrick)
452 - move 'got init' command to 'gotadmin init'
453 - regress test SSH key revocations (jrick)
454 - long overdue update of AUTHORS lists in man pages
455 - add signer_id option to got.conf(5) (jrick)
456 - delta_cache.c needs to include <stdint.h>; unbreaks -portable build on ubuntu
457 - regress: use bs=1M for dd, not bs=1m; fixes -portable test failure on ubuntu
458 - fix buf_alloca error handling (op)
459 - some privsep.c refactoring and cleanup (op)
460 - tog: implement global 'S' key map to switch split mode (jamsek)
461 - tog: implement +/- keymaps to resize the focussed split (jamsek)
462 - make 'tog log' error out in shallow Git repositories instead of hanging
463 - tog: enable moving to prev/next blame line in diff view (jamsek)
464 - improve documentation of the histedit 'mesg' command
465 - histedit script: allow mesg command only after pick or edit commands (op)
466 - for linux, fix usage of pipe(2) during SSH signing and verification (jrick)
468 * got 0.73; 2022-07-04
469 - got patch: use diff3 to merge changes if possible (op)
470 - tog: alias C-b/C-f to scroll page back/forward with b/f (jamsek)
471 - tog: make SPACE page down in all views (naddy)
472 - tog: allow prefixing movement keys with count modifier (jamsek)
473 - always show commit or tree IDs in diff header, in order to help 'got patch'
474 - build non-release builds with -Wwrite-strings (op)
475 - got patch: handle git-style diffs for the 3-way merge too (op)
476 - implement support for commit coloring in got-read-pack for speed
477 - move got_opentemp out of open_blob and blame.c for future gotwebd (tracey)
478 - move got_opentemp out of diff.c and diffreg.c for future gotwebd
479 - tog: refactor log cursor movement in preparation for horizontal split (jamsek)
480 - tog: implement support for horizontal splitscreens (jamsek)
481 - switch 'tog diff' and 'tog blame' to Myers diff by default for speed
482 - make the diff algorithm used by 'tog diff' and 'tog blame' configurable
483 - make the patch parser look for the next "diff" header for robustness (op)
484 - got patch: don't loose the x bit when merging with diff3 (op)
485 - got patch: handle mangled whitespace (op)
486 - fix "imsg_add TREE_ENTRY: Result too large" error on i386 (semarie, op)
487 - create and verify tags signed by SSH keys (jrick)
488 - tog: add C-g/backspace key map to abort compound commands (jamsek)
489 - rename got.conf(5) fetch-all-branches to fetch_all_branches for consistency
490 - rename got.conf(5) mirror-references to mirror_references for consistency
491 - use pipe() which is a more portable syscall than pipe2() (jrick)
492 - got patch: check for specific chars instead of using isspace(3) (op)
494 * got 0.72; 2022-06-18
495 - fix "bad offset in pack file" error due to uninitialized variable (op)
496 - initialize all variables used for sending privsep messages to zero (op)
497 - tog: reset search state after Ctrl-L to fix a use-after-free (op)
498 - fix unexpected imsg error after incomplete enumeration in got-read-pack
499 - tog: heed selection cursor position while searching (patch by Mikhail)
501 * got 0.71; 2022-06-17
502 - got patch: fail when reading empty hunks (op)
503 - got patch: switch from fseek() to fseeko(), use unary minus (naddy)
504 - got patch: avoid open/sync/close of the fileindex over and over again (op)
505 - make got_privsep_recv_tree() reject trees with less than zero entries
506 - plug memory leak in an error path of got_privsep_recv_tree()
507 - prevent an out-of-bounds access in got_privsep_recv_tree()
508 - parse tree entries into an array instead of a pathlist for speed
509 - batch up tree entries in imsg instead of sending one imsg per tree entry
510 - imsg_add() frees its msg argument on error; avoid double-free in error paths
511 - avoid malloc/free for duplicate check in got_pathlists_insert()
512 - plug a small memleak on error in got_pack_create()
513 - fix paths stored in pack meta data, improving file deltification
514 - store a path hash instead of a verbatim path in pack meta data
515 - reduce the amount of memory used for caching deltas during deltification
516 - shrink struct got_pack_meta a bit by removing the have_reused_delta flag
517 - use random seeds for murmurhash2 (op)
518 - fix bug in findwixt() which caused pack files with missing parent commits
519 - avoid looping over deltas twice in dump_delta_chain_to_{file,mem}()
520 - open tempfiles needed for delta application upfront, for future gotwebd
521 - reduce GOT_PACK_CACHE_SIZE to 32 to accomodate for previous tempfile change
522 - tog: override SIGTERM and SIGINT handlers to avoid ncurses cleanup() handler
523 - move creation of tempfiles outside of lib/diff.c
524 - tests: don't pass $ret to test_done on failure when it's known to be zero (op)
525 - tests: set `ret' in a few places where it was forgotten (op)
526 - convert delta cache to a hash table
527 - implicitly unstage changes when staging the reverse of a staged diff (op)
528 - implement object enumeration support in got-read-pack for speed
529 - add one-line output mode to got log with -s flag (patch by Evan Silberman)
530 - rename the former got log -s (search) flag to got log -S
531 - make it possible to match committed patches with got log -p -S pattern
532 - tog: add key bindings for half-page scroll (patch by Mikhail, Mark Jamsek)
533 - make got log -S match author name and commit ID, like tog search does (op)
534 - got patch: ensure new and old paths are NUL-terminated (op)
535 - got patch: guard against invalid (negative) line offsets (op)
536 - got patch: use ints for line offsets instead of longs (op)
537 - remove redundant datalen checks before calling recv_imsg_error (op)
538 - use strndup instead of malloc+memcpy in privsep.c (op)
539 - do stricter validation of data received from libexec helpers (op)
540 - move got_opentempfd() out of got_repo_open(), for future gotwebd (tracey)
541 - fix D_GOTWWW default path; gotweb can now run without a config file again
542 - add horizontal scrolling to tog diff, blame, and log views (Mark Jamsek)
543 - show last-modified date in the "tog ref" view if 'm' is pressed (Mark Jamsek)
544 - make tog horizontal scrolling work with unicode (with op@)
546 * got 0.70; 2022-05-10
547 - avoid subtraction of values larger than int in qsort(3) comparison callbacks
548 - make 'got patch' handle git-style rename diffs
549 - store deltas in compressed form while packing, both in memory and cache file
550 - avoid O(N) loops over object ID lists while packing
551 - run the search for deltas to reuse in got-read-pack directly, for speed
552 - hook cmdline tests into 'make regress', this was overlooked earlier
553 - fix regression from 0.69 where packing tags fails if zero commits are packed
554 - map delta cache file into memory if possible while writing a pack file
556 * got 0.69; 2022-04-24
557 - plug a memory leak in got_fetch_pack() (patch by Mikhail)
558 - plug a memory leak in list_refs() (op)
559 - link libexec helpers against _p libraries when building with 'make PROFILE=1'
560 - regress: use test(1) -eq and -ne to compare integers, reduce quoting (naddy)
561 - got patch: add -p option to strip path components (op)
562 - stop relying on commit cache for good performance of got_object_id_by_path()
563 - leave work tree in usable state after 'got rebase' fails path-prefix checks
564 - make gotadmin pack -x option work with tag arguments
565 - make 'got cat' not search for a work tree if the -r option is used
566 - make 'got tag' unlock work tree earlier to allow other parallel commands
567 - add a -q (quiet) option to 'gotadmin pack'
568 - sort references by date for packing to process newer commits first
569 - fix double-free in an error case of cmd_checkout()
570 - make sure callers of got_object_idset_add() free data (tb)
571 - speed up initial stage of packing by adding a "skip" commit color
572 - regress: redirect jot(1) output instead of looping over it (op)
573 - reimplement object-ID set data structure on top of a hash table
574 - inline struct got_object_id in struct got_object_qid for speed
575 - got patch: resolve paths from the current working directory (op)
576 - got patch: add -R option to reverse a patch (op)
578 * got 0.68; 2022-03-22
579 - explicitly include <endian.h> for be32toh() (naddy)
580 - apply time-based rate-limiting to send-/fetch-/index-pack progress output
581 - make the URI parser tolerate trailing slashes at the end of the input URI
582 - add 'got patch' command for applying unified diffs (op)
583 - handle reference arguments which look like short object IDs (with naddy)
584 - make got log, diff, blame, tree, and cat unlock the work tree earlier
585 - fix 'got status' with an obstructed file given as argument (found by op)
586 - cache a list of known pack index files when the repository is opened
587 - print additional progress information while packing
588 - const-ify data tables which contain only constants (naddy)
589 - fix gotweb build failure with -Werror due to write-only variable warnings
590 - move got_errors[] table into a single compilation unit, error.c (naddy)
591 - explicitly include <unistd.h> for close(2) (naddy)
592 - fix potential NULL deref in error path of got_object_idset_remove()
593 - man pages: fix missing commas between subordinate and main clauses (naddy)
594 - fix a bug where 'gotadmin pack' packed too many objects unless -a was used
595 - gotweb: fix free() on uninitialized variable upon error during blame
597 * got 0.67; 2022-02-18
598 - compress delta data from delta_cache directly into pack file
599 - show rebase and histedit backups in tog ref view
600 - gotweb: unbreak index page when pack files are missing (tracey)
601 - make 'got rm' behave like rm(1) for paths found missing on disk
602 - make 'got rm' report an "unexpected status" error for unversioned files
603 - fix double-free and double-close issues in error paths of got_packidx_open()
604 - fix 'got status' showing unversioned directories on NFS (found by Ted Bullock)
605 - fix loose object file header parser for zero-length headers
606 - improve 'got add' error message if file does not exist (found by Timo Myyrä)
607 - improve error message due to malformed `author' in got.conf (omar)
608 - fix infinite loop triggered by pack files >= 4GB in size (found by semarie)
609 - set zlib output buffer length properly after resizing the output buffer
610 - improve error reporting for invalid numbers given on command line (omar)
611 - fix 'got diff' on files which match an ignore pattern (found by omar)
612 - reduce minimum deltification chunk size to 32 (suggested by ori)
613 - use murmurhash instead of sha1 for deltification blocks (suggested by ori)
614 - shrink the width of formatted output fields to their expected size (naddy)
615 - reuse existing deltas when creating pack files
616 - fix fd leak in got_fetch_pack (omar)
617 - fix imsg_clear calls after imsg_flush failures (omar)
618 - display GMT offset in 'got cat' command (jrick)
619 - const-ify command and option tables (naddy)
621 * got 0.66; 2022-01-11
622 - only open raw objects if necessary while writing out pack file data
623 - map raw object files into memory while packing if possible
624 - encode short deltas in memory instead of writing them to a temporary file
625 - add missing checks for reads beyond the mapped memory area of a pack file
626 - fix file corruption regression in 'got checkout' from 0.65 (reported by naddy)
628 * got 0.65; 2022-01-06
629 - fix 32-bit size_t multiplication overflow in meyrs diff code
630 - ignore the return value of closefrom(2) (patch by Anna a.k.a. CyberTailor)
631 - sort paths in got log -Pp and tog's diff view the same way as in the diff
632 - fix NULL dereference in 'got clone' if server sends an empty pack file
633 - tog: make searches start from the current position in all views
634 - tog: clear search highlighting when reloading view (naddy)
635 - set close-on-exec flag on files opened by main process (suggested by millert)
636 - use 'gotadmin pack' when running tests with GOT_TEST_PACK=1, not 'git repack'
637 - fix bogus "object not found" errors when specified object ID begins with 00
638 - avoid creation of new temporary files whenever a packed object is read
639 - use time-based rate-limiting for gotadmin progress output
640 - print status output even when 'gotadmin cleanup' finds no objects to remove
641 - tog: fix a scrolling problem when diffing binary files
643 * got 0.64; 2021-11-23
644 - try only 3 delta base candidates instead of 10 to speed up packing
645 - use up to 128 delta chain elements again; creates smaller packs at same speed
646 - remove unused variables to fix LLVM 13 warnings (naddy)
647 - make 'got rebase' switch the work tree if no commits need rebasing (jrick)
648 - fix man page HTML rendering for command aliases (kn)
649 - let gotadmin find the repository automatically if invoked in a work tree
650 - preserve binary files during updates and merges instead of leaving them empty
651 - allow sorting references by timestamp in tog ref view
652 - add got ref -t option to sort listed references by modification time
653 - add got branch -t option to sort listed branches by modification time
654 - regress: make test operands POSIX compliant (thomas_adam)
656 * got 0.63; 2021-10-17
657 - fix 'got send -T' regression if tag already exists on server (found by Omar)
658 - fix another regression where a 3-way merge would segfault (naddy)
659 - tog: add Ctrl-n/Ctrl-p for scrolling one line down/up (patch by Omar Polo)
660 - always initialize output parameter "n" of get_line() in diff3.c
661 - set in diff3.c's duplicate() even if the file contains no newlines
663 * got 0.62; 2021-10-16
664 - man pages: document command aliases in tmux(1) style, add tags (kn)
665 - ignore unversioned files while aborting rebase, histedit, merge or operations
666 - let 'got fetch' send all references to the server to avoid redundant downloads
667 - plug memory leaks in got-fetch-pack and got-send-pack
668 - provide lib/Makefile to enable tags file generation (kn)
669 - add support for multiple path arguments to 'got diff'
670 - fix merging of lines inserted at the top of a file (reported by Omar Polo)
671 - display the requested object type in "object not found" error messages
672 - implement 'got diff -c' for diffing commits with optional filtering by path
673 - speed up 'got histedit -l' and 'got rebase -l'
674 - fix merging of files which contain a dot on a line by itself
675 - sort and de-duplicate work tree path command line arguments (suggested by kn)
676 - fix pack index cache element rotation; keep often used entries near the front
677 - use a bloom filter to avoid pointless pack index searches
678 - do not skip ignored directories in 'got status' if they contain tracked files
679 - FreeBSD's ed(1) does not accept "0i"; use the equivalent "1i" instead (naddy)
680 - speed up pack file creation a little by caching raw objects
681 - limit delta chain length in newly created pack files to 32 deltas
682 - while packing, store encoded deltas in temporary files instead of in memory
683 - sync with OpenBSD parse.y (naddy)
684 - make 'gotadmin indexpack' unveil the repository read/write, not read-only
685 - plug memory leak in an error path of read_packed_object()
687 * got 0.61; 2021-10-03
688 - fix list of 'got status' options in the got.1 man page
689 - tog: use sched_yield(2) for better portability (patch by Quentin Rameau)
690 - fix histedit_no_op test which was failing randomly (patch by Lucas)
691 - fix 'got send' with tree objects which contain symlinks (reported by Omar)
692 - tog: show parent commit IDs of merge commits in the diff view
693 - add a 'got merge' command for creating merge commits
694 - fix 'got update' of an added + obstructed file
695 - mark some function parameters 'const', as they should be (patch by Omar Polo)
696 - add 'static' qualifier to local functions in got-read-pack (again Omar Polo)
697 - fix some integers that had a slightly wrong type (again by Omar Polo)
698 - match printf specifiers and (cast) types for portability (naddy)
699 - don't change bad symlinks into regular files during merges
700 - handle errno variations upon open(2) failure with O_NOFOLLOW for portability
701 - garbage-collect unused "dist" target from subdirectory Makefiles (naddy)
702 - match the unsigned char type used by the zlib interface (naddy)
703 - fix unsigned/signed char mismatch in parse.y (naddy)
704 - fix 'got fetch' downloading too many objects in some cases
705 - interrupt 'got rebase' upon missing/unversioned/not-deleted files
706 - interrupt 'got histedit' upon missing/unversioned/not-deleted files
707 - pull in a type fix from the OpenBSD parse.y template (naddy)
708 - explicitly set the default branch name after 'git init' in regress tests
709 - add histedit -e option which runs the 'edit' script command for every commit
710 - skip ignored directories during 'got status' disk crawl
712 * got 0.60; 2021-09-15
713 - fix another instance of 'got send' sending branches the server already has
714 - make 'got send' regression tests run 'git fsck' on all involved repositories
715 - shell code fixes in regress tests for portability (naddy)
717 * got 0.59; 2021-09-14
718 - fix copy-pasto in got.conf man page
719 - add -q quiet mode to checkout and update (tracey)
720 - make 'got send' send commits which are referenced only by tags (found by Omar)
721 - add -S option to 'got status' for suppressing certain status codes (tracey)
722 - make 'got checkout' display the checked out reference and commit ID
723 - make 'got update' display the worktree's branch name upon success
725 * got 0.58; 2021-09-11
726 - tog: support navigating to first/last line of tree and ref views (naddy)
727 - tog: jump directly to first log item instead of traversing the list (naddy)
728 - tog: when jumping to bottom of the log view, go from tail backwards (naddy)
729 - make "got branch -d" print reference name and value (naddy)
730 - move code duplicated by got-send-pack and got-fetch-pack to common files
731 - assert against accidentally overflowing argv[] in got_dial_ssh() (naddy)
732 - make 'gotadmin info' display separate send/fetch URLs if they differ
733 - fix a null-pointer deref in 'got fetch -d' (reported by Omar Polo)
735 * got 0.57; 2021-09-03
736 - remove superfluous strdup(3) from parse.y files (Martin Vahlensieck)
737 - adapt regress tests which handle UTC dates (naddy)
738 - make 'got send' actually heed branch {} options in got.conf(5) as intended
739 - disable ignore lists during status walks used by rebase and histedit
740 - tog: add support for navigating to first/last line of blame view (naddy)
741 - fix bogus error when 'got cherrypick' merged changes into locally added file
742 - remove ancestry checks to make 'got cherrypick' and 'got backout' run faster
743 - limit checks for merge conflicts to files affected by the merge to be faster
744 - fix 'got send' adding too many objects to the pack file in some cases
746 * got 0.56; 2021-08-30
747 - prevent a race where 'gotadmin cleanup' deletes concurrently created objects
748 - plug a small memory leak in tog's show_diff_view() function
749 - fix a use-after-free in get_changed_paths() in got and tog
750 - use less memory allocations when formatting log messages
751 - make got_deltify() rellocate the deltas array less often
752 - plug a memory leak in an error path of got_deltify()
753 - fix miscalculation of the final pack file size reported by got_pack_create()
754 - fix the error message shown when the server sends a bad ref line
755 - prevent NULL deref in got-fetch-pack if server does not announce capabilities
756 - add a missing bounds-check in got-fetch-pack when parsing server response
757 - fix, again, use of POSIX [ s1 = s2 ] syntax instead of [ s1 == s2 ] (naddy)
758 - add 'got send' for sending changes to remote repositories (with naddy, tracey)
759 - allow deletion of refs/remotes/ branches with got branch -d
760 - add missing "return 1" to failure handling in the regress scripts (naddy)
761 - make realloc_ids() malloc-like and do not overallocate (naddy)
762 - fix seek to incorrect offset in the delta base when creating deltas
763 - use gmtime_r(3) to display timestamps in UTC as intended (found by naddy)
764 - add keys for navigating to first/last item of tog log and diff views (jasper)
766 * got 0.55; 2021-07-26
767 - display recovery steps in the lonely pack index error message
768 - fix double-free that ocurred upon exit from 'tog tree'; found by naddy
769 - don't scan pack index offsets for large values if pack file is < 2GB
770 - new -X option for removing backups created by got rebase and got histedit
771 - add 'got fetch -X' option for deleting references created by 'got fetch'
772 - make 'got ref -d' print reference name and value like the new -X options do
774 * got 0.54; 2021-07-08
775 - fix imsg header includes in pack_create.c
776 - explicitly include endian.h for be32toh() in repository_admin.c (naddy)
777 - switch from SIMPLEQ to equivalent STAILQ macros (naddy)
778 - fix logic error in gotweb navigation for commits, briefs, and tags (tracey)
779 - fix bugs where files skipped by 'got update' could not be updated again
780 - fix out-of-bounds access in 'gotadmin pack'
781 - fix unintended redundant recallocarray() calls done by 'gotadmin pack'
782 - cache object type in memory to speed up packing of objects referenced by tags
783 - fix, again, use of POSIX [ s1 = s2 ] syntax instead of [ s1 == s2 ] (naddy)
784 - new 'gotadmin cleanup' command for removing unreferenced loose objects
785 - handle pack index files which lack a corresponding pack file
786 - make 'got add' always require the -I option in order to add ignored files
787 - write lines instead of just one character at a time in diff_output_lines()
788 - verify object ID checksums while loose objects are being accessed
790 * got 0.53; 2021-06-22
791 - do not update symlinks which are already up-to-date
792 - add a gotadmin utility with info, pack, indexpack, and listpack commands
793 - fix 3-way merge of files which lack a final \n
794 - make double-quotes appear in rendered got.1 man page as intended (Nam Nguyen)
795 - gotweb: render error page instead of returning error 500 (tracey)
796 - avoid an error in tog(1) while the terminal window is being resized
797 - plug a memory leak in got_ref_list_free()
798 - catch invalid reference names passed to 'got ref -l'
799 - fix a memory leak in dial_git() (naddy)
800 - fix unrelated changes being merged by got cherrypick/backout/rebase/histedit
801 - go back to Patience diff for merging during cherrypick/backout/histedit/rebase
802 - fix file descriptor leak in got_repo_close() (tracey)
803 - fix hang in commit regress test if $VISUAL is set in the environment (tracey)
804 - use socketpair(2) instead of pipe(2) for better portability to Linux
805 - make it possible to profile gotweb and document how profiling works
806 - fix memory and fd leaks in got_pack_stop_privsep_child() (tracey)
807 - fix bogus 'permission denied' error when a file at work tree root is removed
808 - port packfile creation code over from git9
809 - new -I option for 'got status' to show files which match an ignore pattern
811 * got 0.52; 2021-04-05
812 - fix error checking in dial_ssh()
813 - increase pack index cache size from 16 to 64 to improve performance
814 - fix off-by-one in got_repo_cache_pack() causing the wrong pack to be evicted
815 - cap pack file cache size at 1/8 of the current open file desciptor limit
816 - when reading a pack index byte-swap fields at compile-time where possible
817 - diff: reduce duplicate code (kn)
818 - fix "mandoc -T lint" WARNINGS and ERRORS, add missing word (kn)
819 - fix open file descriptor leak in error path of read_object_header_privsep()
821 * got 0.51; 2021-03-23
822 - deltify.c: explicitly include <endian.h> for be64toh()
823 - rebase/histedit -l: error out if no backups for the requested branch exist
824 - fix use of uninitialized stat buffer during status crawl (found by naddy)
826 * got 0.50; 2021-03-22
827 - use Myers diff instead of Patience diff when merging files with diff3
828 - port file deltification code from git9; a prerequisite for writing pack files
829 - implement raw object data access; another prerequisite for writing pack files
830 - improve got log -x documentation (jrick)
831 - improve got ref -d documentation
832 - fix strftime(3) short buffer checks (jrick)
833 - ensure that old commits remain referenced after rebase and histedit
834 - new got rebase -l option which lists past rebase operations
835 - new got histedit -l option which lists past histedit operations
837 * got 0.49; 2021-02-11
838 - implicitly mark all files in work tree as up-to-date after 'got integrate'
839 - tog: fix behaviour if 'n' is pressed before search is started (found by naddy)
840 - in 'got clone', allow -l together with -q, for consistency with 'got fetch'
841 - add 'got commit -F' option to commit with a log message stored in a file
842 - simplify error message shown when 'got rebase' has nothing to do
843 - tolerate tag objects which lack tagger timestamp information (found by naddy)
844 - got info: fix a pasto in an error message (naddy)
845 - include remote branches in the output of 'got branch -l' (suggested by helg)
847 * got 0.48; 2021-01-22
848 - use POSIX [s1 = s2] syntax instead of [s1 == s2] (patch by Ryo ONODERA)
849 - tog log: terminate author field at '>' in case there is no '@' (naddy)
850 - replace fparseln(3) with getline(3), for better portability (naddy)
851 - make 'got clone' pin the fetched branch in got.conf(5)
852 - allow the 'got fetch' -l option together with the -q option
853 - store branches passed via 'got clone -b' in got.conf(5) and git-config(1)
854 - work around spurious ACK responses from git servers in got-fetch-pack
855 - add a 'fetch-all-branches' configuration setting to got.conf(5)
856 - add a 'reference' directive to remote repositories in got.conf(5)
857 - fix 'got up -c commit path' deleting unrelated files (found by Timo Myyrä)
858 - fix 'tog blame' segfault upon empty input file (found by naddy)
859 - let 'got clone' write gitconfig directives that match the generated got.conf
860 - fix a use after free in got_worktree_close() (naddy)
861 - make fclose(3) failure checks consistent; check 'fclose() == EOF' everywhere
862 - make close(2) failure checks consistent; check 'close() == -1' everywhere
863 - fix missing close(2) error check in got_worktree_close()
865 * got 0.47; 2020-12-27
866 - update got.1 CAVEATS section; prompted by feedback from otto@
867 - fix assignment to wrong pointer in got_ref_dup()
868 - fix performance on repositories with many references (e.g. freebsd src.git):
869 o implement an object ID map for reference lists
870 o use reflist object id maps in got log, tog log, and tog diff (with naddy)
871 o switch reflist to TAILQ; insert elements more efficiently for sorted input
873 * got 0.46; 2020-12-21
874 - reset tog blame view's scroll position if line count shrinks too much (naddy)
875 - replace unprintable characters with '.' before passing them to curses (naddy)
876 - allow editing of log message comments with 'got histedit'
877 - implicitly mark all files in work tree as up-to-date after rebase/histedit
878 - add fd field to got_repository, modify got_packidx_open to use fds (yzhong)
879 - more size_t for loop indices to avoid signedness warnings; by emaste@freebsd
880 - fix path existence check in got_object_tree_path_changed (reported by jrick)
881 - fix parsing of tag objects which lack a tag message; found in u-boot.git repo
882 - do not mix up repos if tog's -r option is used in a work tree (with naddy)
883 - avoid signed vs unsigned comparisons in fetch.c (with millert)
884 - introduce got_custom_error array to support multiple errors in flight
885 - switch to strerror_r(3) in error.c for thread-safety
887 * got 0.45; 2020-12-13
888 - new diff implementation from (with neels)
889 - use Patience diff algorithm with fallback to Myers diff
890 - new blame algorithm which compares commit N-1 to N (with neels)
891 - handle binary files in got/tog diff commands; add -a options to force text
892 - consistently label removed files as "/dev/null" in diff headers
893 - prevent potential fclose(NULL) in error path of diff_blobs()
894 - use size_t for loop indices to avoid signedness warnings (by emaste@freebsd)
895 - in tests, replace echo with printf and stop option processing via "--" (naddy)
896 - fix test failure of test_tree_submodule_of_same_repo for packed repos (yzhong)
897 - add fd to got_worktree, modify got_fileindex_entry_update to use fds (yzhong)
898 - add histedit -f flag for folding shortcut (jrick)
899 - prevent log message loss of folded commits during histedit
900 - tog: plug two memory leaks in draw_file()
901 - tog: show current/total line numbers in diff view header
902 - tog: highlight matched search terms in diff and blame views
903 - tog: call pthread_cond_destroy(cond) just once when closing log view (naddy)
904 - tog: reset diff view's scroll position if diff context shrinks too much
905 - tog: make tog diff accept reference and tag arguments; add -w and -C options
906 - tog: new 'tog ref' subcommand which displays references in the repository
907 - tog: fix entry selection when moving to the parent in tree view (naddy)
908 - tog: fix page-down/page-up scrolling in the tree view (with naddy)
909 - tog: trim redundant parameters from many functions, and tidy up code (naddy)
910 - tog: log view now requests more commits when the window expands (naddy)
911 - tog: call pledge(2) directly in main() instead of per-command
912 - tog: fix bug on FreeBSD where pressing 'q' in a child view caused tog to exit
913 - tog: fix move to next/prev commit in diff view if log is not displayed (naddy)
914 - tog: make ^L in the log view stick to branches/tags selected via -c option
915 - tog: make tree view keep track of branches/tags specified via -c
916 - tog: fix crashes when the log view reloads displayed data
917 - tog: resize events go to child views as well as parent views (found by naddy)
918 - tog: move the tree view's selection cursor up if terminal shrinks too much
919 - tog: fix display of lines that end in "\r\n" (problem found by jrick)
920 - tog: accommodate newer ncurses where panel_userptr() returns const (naddy)
921 - tog: use getline(3) instead of fparseln(3) for better portability
923 * got 0.44; 2020-11-10
924 - detect unknown repository format extensions such as Git's sha256 extension
925 - prevent a NULL dereference if 'got log -p' runs against a root commit
926 - fix permissions mode bits for fetched pack files; patch by Alisdair MacLeod
927 - use fchmod(2) instead of chmod(2) (semarie, naddy)
928 - initialize sb.st_mode after stat(2) failure in got_worktree_resolve_path()
929 - clear staged file type in file index entries whenever staged status is cleared
930 - unlink temporary files in error cases of install_blob()
931 - fix replacing a file with a symlink during merges; problem found by jrick
932 - fix parsing of 'ON' keyword in gotweb parse.y; patch by Martin Vahlensieck
933 - remove unused variable in gotweb.c; patch by Martin Vahlensieck
935 * got 0.43; 2020-10-21
936 - do not treat the -h and -V flags as errors (naddy)
937 - allow regress test data to be stored in locations other than /tmp
938 - unveil repositories read-write when adding tags with 'got tag'
939 - rewrite test argument parsing with the POSIX getopts shell built-in (naddy)
940 - in tests, accommodate ls -l implementations that print "total 0" (naddy)
941 - fix a bug where 'got status' showed an unchanged empty file as changed
942 - handle non-const basename(3) and dirname(3) for POSIX compatibility
943 - properly handle nonexistent remote repository names given to 'got fetch'
945 * got 0.42; 2020-09-30
946 - add "branch" keyword to got.conf which specifies a list of branches to fetch
947 - rework got's commit-time log message modification check
948 - fix potential type mismatches between format specifiers and arguments (naddy)
949 - prefer the BSD extension to reset getopt over the GNU one (naddy)
950 - fix 'bad path' error from 'got clone' by unveiling the repository path again
952 * got 0.41; 2020-09-25
953 - make 'got ref -d' delete both loose and packed representations of the ref
954 - make dangling symbolic references show up in 'got ref -l'
955 - fix handling of slashes in got.conf repository paths (found by naddy)
956 - hide remote HEAD refs in gotweb in order to match got and tog output
957 - make 'got histedit' collapse folded add+delete operations (found by jrick)
958 - fix matching the first object ID listed in a pack index (found by jrick)
959 - let 'got clone' try to connect to server before creating repository contents
960 - fix default branch name written to Git config file by 'got clone'
961 - allow an interrupted 'got clone' to be resumed by 'got fetch'
962 - handle failed connection attempts to git:// servers (patch by jrick)
963 - make gotweb work in subdirectories of the web space (found by uwerler)
965 * got 0.40; 2020-09-21
966 - do not rely on <zlib.h> to pull in <unistd.h> (naddy)
967 - remove unused #includes from the new got-read-gotconfig/parse.y (naddy)
968 - document our default choice of text editor (suggested by Ricky Cintron)
969 - in tests, replace ksh syntax with POSIX arithmetic expressions (naddy)
970 - fix got.conf overriding GOT_AUTHOR even if no author is set in got.conf
971 - in tests, expand arguments in shell script for POSIX compatibility (naddy)
972 - fix crash in got_free_gotconfig()
973 - in cmd_checkout() handle basename(3) modifying its argument for portability
974 - print newline to clear the bottom line when tog exits (naddy)
975 - install got-read-gotconfig into gotweb's chroot environment
977 * got 0.39; 2020-09-14
978 - add -q option to tests for quiet output and use it for 'make regress'
979 - document how to re-create a corrupt or missing file index in got-worktree(5)
980 - fix some memory leaks in tog (tracey)
981 - add workaround for a performance issue when 'tog diff' shows a large diff
982 - add -s option to 'got status' which acts as a status code filter
983 - add -s option to 'got remove' which deletes files in a particular status
984 - plug a memory leak in got_privsep_recv_tree() in error case
985 - in got_object_commit_get_logmsg(), handle log messages which lack '\n'
986 - do not rely on <zlib.h> to pull in <unistd.h> (naddy)
987 - use POSIX standard endian functions and include <endian.h> (naddy)
988 - add got.conf(5) configuration file
989 - use modern POSIX timestamp fields in struct stat (naddy)
990 - use plain write() in place of dprintf() with a pre-formatted string (naddy)
991 - stop including <sys/syslimits.h> directly (naddy)
992 - switch regress function declarations from ksh to POSIX shell syntax (naddy)
994 * got 0.38; 2020-08-02
995 - add support for managing symbolic links under version control
996 - new -S option for 'got commit' and 'got stage' to skip symlink safety checks
997 - add a 'got info' command which displays work tree meta-data
998 - display more context in "no such entry found in tree" error messages
999 - fix spurious 'got cherrypick' error with a path prefix and an empty tree
1000 - fix committing file additions from a work tree with a path prefix
1001 - fix build error with clang 10 due to missing for-loop block grouping (naddy@)
1002 - make 'got log' -R and -P options work in combination
1004 * got 0.37; 2020-07-23
1005 - cope with directory entries returned from readdir(3) with type DT_UNKNOWN
1006 - fix merging with files that do not contain a newline character
1007 - heed .{cvs,git}ignore if a path is given on the 'got status' command line
1008 - plug memory leak that occurred when files were deleted during checkout/update
1009 - add new parse.y code for future use and restructure gotweb's parse.y
1010 - fix an error return in gotweb (by Martin Vahlensieck)
1011 - document how to use commit messages prepared in a file (by Scott Bennett)
1012 - make 'got/tog tree' show symlink targets like 'ls -lF' does: link@ -> target
1013 - allow creation of commits which carry unmodified submodule tree entries along
1014 - some error, usage, and progress message improvements
1016 * got 0.36; 2020-05-05
1017 - fix "no such entry found in tree" error with got log -p and an added path
1018 - show a list of paths changed in a commit with 'got log -P' and in tog
1019 - prevent false positive tree entry differences due to bogus file mode bits
1020 - write directory tree entry mode bits in the same way as Git does (0040000)
1022 * got 0.35; 2020-04-25
1023 - don't pass "-p 22" to ssh; makes ssh_config's Port option work (semarie)
1024 - fix a file index corruption problem with 'got rebase' (found by tracey)
1025 - fix 'got log -r' loading refs from the wrong repo if invoked in a work tree
1026 - filter out "remotes/*/HEAD" references in got/tog log output
1028 * got 0.34; 2020-04-19
1029 - make use of new convenience API functions of kcgi 0.12 in gotweb
1030 - make 'got update' skip conflicted files (prevents loss of local changes)
1031 - show a summary of conflicts and related problems after updating/merging files
1032 - add 'got log' -x option to stop logging when a specific commit was traversed
1033 - add 'got log' -R option to reverse commit display order
1034 - clarify wording in got.1 related to local changes/commits/branches
1035 - show bad object ID in "object not found" error messages where possible
1037 * got 0.33; 2020-04-14
1038 - normalize tree entry modes to 0100644 or 0100755 when writing tree objects
1039 - fix "searching..." displayed in tog log view while merely scrolling down
1040 - in got.1, clarify how 'got update' deals with local (aka uncommitted) changes
1042 * got 0.32; 2020-03-28
1043 - be nice to unaware users who attempt to use got commands in a Git work tree
1044 - show 'searching...' during 'tog log' search even if no new commits are loaded
1045 - display "no matches found" if no commit matches a 'tog log' search
1046 - display "no more matches" if 'tog log' search cannot find any more matches
1047 - make 'tog log' consistently scroll a page upon page-down key (found by naddy)
1048 - make 'got fetch' create or restore remote HEAD reference if it is missing
1049 - make 'got fetch -d' delete branches from both refs/heads and refs/remotes
1051 * got 0.31; 2020-03-25
1052 - take status line into account during page up/down in 'tog log' (naddy)
1053 - make 'got tree' use the current branch if invoked in a work tree (tracey)
1054 - compute pack file's checksum during download and check it in got-fetch-pack
1055 - make got-index-pack compute and verify the pack file's checksum as well
1056 - stop verifying pack file checksum in the main process during clone/fetch
1057 - fix bogus 'reference HEAD not found' error (reported by Matthias aka _xhr_)
1058 - make 'got clone' create refs/remotes/origin/HEAD, as 'git clone' does
1059 - make 'got fetch' handle updates to refs/remotes/*/HEAD
1061 * got 0.30; 2020-03-22
1062 - add support for git and git+ssh network protocols (patch by ori@)
1063 - add 'got clone' and 'got fetch' commands
1064 - don't error out if rebase sees no merged paths; elide the commit instead
1065 - prevent 'got commit' from committing empty sub-directories (found by tracey)
1066 - allow limiting the output of 'got ref -l' to a single ref or a namespace
1067 - add -c option to 'got ref' which now expects just one argument after options
1068 - plug a memory leak in got-read-pack
1069 - remove 'Next' link from tags on gotweb summary page if no tags exist (tracey)
1071 * got 0.29; 2020-03-06
1072 - trim directories in got remove -R (tracey)
1073 - prevent commits from being listed more than once in a histedit script
1074 - fix histedit 'rebase commit ID mismatch' error when splitting a commit
1075 - be helpful when users try to check out work trees without a known branch
1076 - map 'tog path' to 'tog log path' if possible (requested by mpi)
1077 - when "bad path" errors occur always show the path in question
1078 - show merged commit ID upon merge conflict during rebase and histedit
1080 * got 0.28; 2020-02-25
1081 - improve man page documentation of rebase and histedit
1082 - disallow 'got rebase' while a histedit operation is in progress
1083 - switch 'got tag' commit argument to a new -c option
1084 - let 'got branch' switch and update the work tree
1085 - improve documentation of -r flags in tog man page (naddy)
1086 - add 'got histedit -m' option which makes it easy to edit log messages
1087 - switch 'tog diff' repository path argument to a new -r option (naddy)
1088 - fix 'tog diff object1 object2' when run inside a work tree (naddy)
1089 - document semantics of got log and tog log path arguments
1090 - add ^B/^F key bindings (page up/down) to 'tog blame' and 'tog tree' (naddy)
1091 - disable compiler warnings in release builds to avoid -Werror build breakage
1093 * got 0.27; 2020-02-21
1094 - fix gotweb build with -O2 on sparc64 (tracey; reported by kmos)
1095 - add next/prev navigation to gotweb commit briefs and commits pages (tracey)
1096 - add new gotweb tags page and ability to navigate all tags (tracey)
1097 - ensure gotweb's libexec helpers inherit build flags from parent directories
1098 - allow 'got ref' to manipulate refs which do not have a slash in their name
1099 - add an optional path argument to 'tog tree'
1100 - fix misplaced tog search prompt in split-screen views
1102 * got 0.26; 2020-02-17
1103 - initial release of gotweb(8), a repository server for web browsers (tracey)
1104 - fix a segfault in 'got backout' (tracey, reported by semarie)
1105 - switch 'tog tree' repository path argument to a new -r option
1106 - fix 'got blame' and 'tog blame' on files added on worktree's current branch
1107 - enable searching in tog diff view with the '/' key (tracey)
1108 - ignore EROFS during checkout for repositories on read-only filesystems
1109 - do not open log message editor if there are no changes during 'histedit -c'
1110 - display branch name and first commit to be edited at top of histedit script
1111 - fix bug where 'got revert -R' failed on added subtrees
1112 - fix bug where 'got log PATH' failed to map PATH into the repository
1113 - make 'tog log' show linear history by default; add -b option and B key
1114 - make 'got log' show linear history by default; remove -f and add -b option
1115 - do not display unversioned files during 'got revert -R'
1116 - tweak default colors for directories and symlinks in 'tog tree'
1117 - sleep for one nanosecond after syncing the file index to disk
1118 - fix 'tog log -c' with tags
1120 * got 0.25; 2020-01-14
1121 - fix suspending and resuming tog with Ctrl-Z and fg (reported by naddy@)
1122 - fix 'tog tree' usage displayed in error case (patch by naddy@)
1123 - support Git-style "lightweight" tags as arguments for 'got diff'
1124 - handle Git-style "lightweight" tags in got tag -l
1125 - make got and tog accept a --version argument (prompted by tedu@)
1126 - add -E option to 'got checkout' allowing use of a non-empty work tree path
1127 - make 'tog log PATH' fail when a non-existent path is specified
1128 - fix out of bounds access (patch by Martin <openbsd () academicsolutions ! ch>)
1129 - fix switching to tog's tree view when logging a path (reported by naddy@)
1131 * got 0.24; 2020-01-08
1132 - do not open and close pack index files needlessly
1133 - fix 'got log' and 'tog log' performance issue when lots of tags exist
1134 - do history traversal in got-read-pack to improve 'got blame' performance
1135 - plug memory leaks in got-read-commit, got-read-tree, and got-read-pack
1136 - fix reading reference deltas with GOT_PACK_NO_MMAP builds
1137 - disable got-read-pack's delta cache in GOT_NO_OBJ_CACHE builds
1138 - make it possible to run regress tests with packed repositories
1139 - more portable string comparison in (patch by Edgar Pettijohn)
1140 - prevent rebase with an out-of-date work tree
1141 - make 'got checkout' and 'got update' work with read-only repositories
1143 * got 0.23; 2019-12-16
1144 - prevent status crawl from racing with paths changing in the filesystem
1145 - add -k option to 'got remove' to keep files on disk (Tracey Emery)
1146 - add -R option to 'got remove' for recursive deletion (Tracey Emery)
1147 - add -I option to 'got add' to disregard ignore patterns (Tracey Emery)
1148 - show numeric dates in ISO-8601/xkcd-1179 format in 'tog log' and 'got blame'
1150 * got 0.22; 2019-12-01
1151 - allow empty diff context context (-C0) in 'got diff' (kn@)
1152 - add '-s search-pattern' option to 'got log' (kn@)
1153 - forward rebased branch if there are no commits to rebase, instead of error
1154 - parse remote repository URLs from gitconfig
1155 - actually forbid new reference names with a leading '-', as intended
1156 - convert tree entries from SIMPLEQ to an array for better performance
1157 - compile static binaries in PROFILE build
1159 * got 0.21; 2019-11-25
1160 - add -R option to 'got add' for recursive addition (patch by Tracey Emery)
1161 - reduce the amount of memcpy() and strdup() while parsing tree entries
1162 - fix tog display issue caused by Tab in commit messages; reported by mpi@
1163 - cache delta data buffers in an LRU cache to improve performance
1164 - add -c option to 'got branch', replacing the optional second argument
1166 * got 0.20; 2019-11-09
1167 - fix reading pack files larger than 2GB
1168 - try not to hide errors from helper programs when got exits
1169 - use less empty padding space after author name in 'tog log'
1170 - rename 'got init' and 'got import' default branch to "main" (patch by kmos@)
1172 * got 0.19; 2019-11-08
1173 - add optional colorized display mode to tog
1174 - make 'tog log' show abbreviated commit IDs if the window is large enough
1175 - fix staging of multiple files with -p
1176 - show commit date's century in 'got blame' output (patch by Tracey Emery)
1178 * got 0.18; 2019-10-21
1179 - always show the input path when realpath(3) returns an error
1180 - preserve log message when an error occurs during commit, tag, or import
1181 - ignore empty files in refs directory instead of throwing errors
1182 - show file mode differences (executable bit) when diffing in-repository trees
1183 - fix handling of executable-bit changes during update, commit, and status
1184 - improve tog's responsiveness after loading hundreds of thousands of commits
1185 - fix tog performance bug which made searching through commits very slow
1186 - add 'got integrate' command for merging a branch back to its parent branch
1187 - show content from the merge-base file in 3-way merge conflicts, if available
1188 - improved indication of 3-way merge inputs in conflict marker labels
1189 - handle read errors in got_packidx_init_hdr (found by jj@ with scan-build)
1190 - remove worklist code; it was only used to unlink files already unlinked
1191 - show bad reference names in error messages to make such errors more clear
1192 - add -w (ignore whitespace) option to 'got diff'
1193 - improved coding style and error handling in diff3 code
1195 * got 0.17; 2019-10-06
1196 - make 'got branch' without args show work tree's branch (requested by benno)
1197 - show temporary branch in 'got branch -l' during rebase and histedit
1198 - refresh references when 'tog log' view is refreshed with Ctrl+L
1199 - make 'got status' read .gitignore files; support **/ and /**/ in patterns
1200 - handle empty trees during 'import' and 'checkout' (issue reported by sthen)
1201 - show only whitelisted commit headers in 'got log' (semarie)
1202 - properly handle getline(3) return type as ssize_t (hiltjo)
1204 * got 0.16; 2019-09-23
1205 - replace fgetln(3) with getline(3) for portability (patch by Steven McDonald)
1206 - fix implicit time.h includes (patch by Steven McDonald)
1207 - fix tiny memory leaks and other minor bugs found by jj@ with scan-build
1208 - fix missing error checks (found by jj@ with scan-build and by Steven McDonald)
1209 - avoid a couple of potential NULL derefs (found by jj@ with scan-build)
1210 - fix cosmetic display issues involving \n and TABs in tog(1)
1212 * got 0.15; 2019-09-08
1213 - use author name/email from ~/.gitconfig if GOT_AUTHOR is not set
1214 - obtain repo format version and commit author name/email from .git/config
1215 - fix line-wrap for lines spanning the terminal in tog diff view
1216 - make 'got status' ignore inaccessible directories (reported by semarie)
1217 - unstage may need to write to repository; fix unveil(2) call accordingly
1218 - fix modified files not shown by 'got status' after committing staged changes
1220 * got 0.14; 2019-09-03
1221 - fix tag_list test failure on single-day-digit dates (patch by Evan Silberman)
1222 - prevent theoretical double-free with non-OpenBSD asprintf (found by jasper@)
1223 - fix NULL deref in got_error_from_errno via got_error_uuid (found by jasper@)
1224 - make tog release its work tree lock before going into main loop
1225 - 'got stage' writes to repository, fix unveil(2) call accordingly
1227 * got 0.13; 2019-08-30
1228 - fix several possible leaks, use after frees, and NULL derefs (hiltjo)
1229 - tog: mbs2ws: fix sizeof of element for memory allocation (hiltjo)
1230 - fix deletion of branches stored in packed-refs
1231 - fix 'got log path' in a work tree with a path prefix (with Evan Silberman)
1233 * got 0.12; 2019-08-26
1234 - add support for path arguments to 'got cat'
1235 - make 'got log -p path' display patches for the specified path only
1236 - allow creating branches based on commit IDs
1237 - prevent deletion of the work tree's current branch
1238 - detect and ignore Git submodules
1239 - indicate non-existent path arguments in 'got status'
1240 - make 'got diff' error for non-existent path arguments
1241 - make 'got tag -l' list tags by time stamp in descending order
1242 - fix reading pack index files with large offsets (patch by Hiltjo Posthuma)
1244 * got 0.11; 2019-08-23
1245 - add 'got tag' command
1246 - add 'got cat' command
1247 - support quick cancellation in 'tog blame' view
1248 - fix search prompt location in split-screen tog views
1250 * got 0.10; 2019-08-21
1251 - fix and simplify blame algorithm
1253 * got 0.9; 2019-08-19
1254 - fix blame bug where lines were annotated with wrong commit
1255 - man page spelling fixes (patch by Hiltjo Posthuma)
1256 - fix uninitialized 'editor' variable (found by Hiltjo Posthuma)
1257 - make 'got revert' ignore unversioned files instead of aborting (semarie@)
1258 - fix "last commit cannot be folded" histedit check with reordered commits
1260 * got 0.8; 2019-08-16
1261 - write tree entries the way git likes it to prevent git index corruption
1262 - make 'got blame' show line numbers, dates, and author names
1263 - add GOT_LOG_DEFAULT_LIMIT env var for setting a got log -l default
1265 * got 0.7; 2019-08-13
1266 - properly parse timestamps in commit objects as UTC (patch by Hiltjo Posthuma)
1267 - strip Git GPG signatures from log messages
1268 - fix regression: don't try to parse "lightweight" tags as real tag objects
1270 * got 0.6; 2019-08-13
1271 - 'got log' and 'tog log' now display tags in addition to branch references
1272 - 'got ref' can now be used to create symbolic references
1273 - use <limits.h> instead of <sys/limits.h> (patch by Thomas Klausner)
1274 - fix crash if 'got rebase' has no commits to rebase (with semarie@)
1275 - annotate symlinks with @ in 'got tree' and 'tog tree'
1277 * got 0.5; 2019-08-12
1278 - fix blame with single-commit history and with files without \n
1279 - fix crashes in tog when blame returns no results on a file (found by otto@)
1280 - man page improvements (bentley@)
1282 * got 0.4; 2019-08-11
1283 - add support for tag objects to 'got diff'
1284 - fix tog log -r option (patch by semarie@)
1285 - fix use of potentially out-of-date errno values (patch by Hiltjo Posthuma)
1286 - fix getline(3) return value check (patch by Hiltjo Posthuma)
1287 - use Oo/Oc/Op instead of plain brackets in man pages (patch by bentley@)
1288 - fix spurious failures of test_revert_patch_one_change due to race condition
1290 * got 0.3; 2019-08-10
1291 - fix bug where 'revert -p' would delete all lines following a reverted change
1292 - fix merge bug inherited from OpenRCS, affecting lines with leading .
1293 - fix man page installation during manual 'make install' from plain tarball
1295 * got 0.2; 2019-08-09
1296 - improve error message if helper binaries fail to unveil(2)
1297 - add support for tags to -c options of some got commands
1298 - attempt to reject GOT_AUTHOR values without an email address because git
1299 is unable to parse resulting commit objects
1300 - fix build on OpenBSD/sparc64 (gcc)
1302 * got 0.1; 2019-08-09
1303 initial release; see git repository history for changes up to this point