Commit Briefs

Omar Polo

allow remotes without urls in git config in gotd

This is b624328edd but for the code used by gotd. ok stsp@

James Cook

allow remotes without urls in git config

Also, add tests. This change lets got and related tools work when the git config file has "remote" sections without urls, like this one in one of my git-annex git repositories: [remote "h0-rsync"] annex-rsyncurl = (some url) annex-uuid = (some uuid) skipFetchAll = true Running tog and many got commands there would previously result in: $ tog got-read-gitconfig: gitconfig syntax error tog: gitconfig syntax error The change to got-read-gitconfig.c is by stsp@, with ok from op@ (and now me). Tests ok stsp@.

Stefan Sperling

got.1: use typewriter-style quoting in got.conf author example

Otherwise copy/pasting from the man page to got.conf produces syntax errors. Noticed by mlarkin@

Omar Polo

got-read-patch: use imsg_get_fd(), move FILE handling in main

also improves the error message in case of no fd was passed. ok stsp@

Stefan Sperling

avoid opening objects in the gotd session process for no reason

The session process opened an object as part of a sanity check and simply closed it again. Opening an object involves decompression and combination of deltas. Add a new interface which checks whether an object ID exists without such overhead and call it from gotd.

Omar Polo

gotwebd.8: improve EXAMPLES sections

tweaks and ok stsp

Omar Polo

gotwebd: retire max_repos setting

Unlike max_repos_display which limits the number of items per page, max_repos is an hard-limit on the number of repos gotwebd would process. "kill it with fire" tracey@ about the idea ok stsp

Omar Polo

gotwebd.conf.5: show defaults, improve EXAMPLES

Show the default value for each setting where it is documented and so trim the EXAMPLES section down to bits that are actually understandable. While here, some minor tweaks like fixing the syntax in one example, s/IP4/IPv4 and s/FCGI TCP/FastCGI. ok and tweaks stsp@

Omar Polo

gotwebd: remove PAGE handling

The page querystring parameter is long gone and currently unused. It was replaced mith the "more" buttons in all the views, except INDEX that uses `index_page'. ok jamsek

Stefan Sperling

make the gotd auth process provide the user's account name for later use

with tweaks from + ok op@

Stefan Sperling

do not crash when a meta-data file in the .got directory is empty

Reported by Matthias Schmidt ok tb@

Mark Jamsek

ensure tmp file is closed and fix UB in diff error path

As reported by op, we fail to close a tmp file in some diff failure case. Also spotted by op and stsp, set FILE pointer to NULL after fclose(3) failure so we no longer attempt to access the stream or close it again in close_diff_view(). fix plus ok op@ and stsp@

Omar Polo

change got_packidx_match_id_str_prefix not to reset the stailq

Since it appends to the given stailq, the ownership is moved and so don't initialize/reset it at the start and neither on error. The caller has to take care of the contents. (kind of) follow up to 2234939fb4. Based upon an original diff from jamsek; ok jamsek

Mark Jamsek


Mark Jamsek

plug object id queue leak when iterating pack index files

We need to free the matched object id queue on each pack index iteration--not only when the objects/pack dir modification time has changed--otherwise the ids are leaked when we reinitialise the queue in got_packidx_match_id_str_prefix(). tweaked by + ok op@

Mark Jamsek

plug leak of commit object in 'tog diff' error path

tweaked by + ok op@

Omar Polo ron gotd regress suite too with -G

Needs doas to elevate privileges. ok stsp@