functionality proposed in TODO as 'gotamin repack' already exists as 'pack -a'

add some TODO items for gotadmin

remove done todo item; gotd now has per-repo read/write authorization rules

update gotd TODO items

remove umask TODO

remove tog limit feature from TODO list

add a gotwebd todo item

remove gotwebd TODO items that are done

add some TODO items for gotwebd

remove a tog blame TODO item which has been implemented

remove 'author' TODO items; these have been implemented

add two more TODO items

TODO: remove tog author/committer toggle entry

add another TODO idea for tog

TODO: add cherrypick/backout immediate-commit-mode idea

write down some ideas about author/committer handling in TODO

add more information to the HTTP TODO item

add more TODO items for tog

remove tog TODO items which have been addressed thanks to Mark Jamsek.

update 'got merge' TODO item

update TODO note about HTTP; libtls will more likely be used from dial.c

update the TODO list

remove 'tog ref' todo item; pointed out by naddy

update TODO notes

don not open log message editor if there are no changes during 'histedit -c'