remove gotwebd todo entries that are done

remove 'bind interface removal' TODO item

gotwebd TODO: category grouping support

TODO: gotwebd should reply with 404 on some kind of errors

remove 'got merge -M' todo item

Implement fast-forward merges. Split part of got_worktree_merge_prepare into a new function, got_worktree_merge_write_refs, since that part doesn't make sense in the fast-forward case. ok stsp@

remove items done in gotwebd and gotadmin

add a gotd todo item

trim trailing whitespace in TODO file

update TODO list

merge TODO wording tweak: 'got rebase' says "forwarding", not "fast-forwarding"

fix bad wording used in previous commit

add a TODO item for 'got merge' based on IRC discussion with James Cook

add a TODO item for gotadmin pack command


add a TODO item regarding missing client-side pack content verification

yet another gotwebd TODO writing everything down to avoid forgetting stuff...

one more TODO for gotwebd

add a few TODOs for got patch and gotwebd

remove cherrypick/backout -l feature from TODO; has been implemented by jamsek

add an idea for 'got fetch' to the todo list

update todo list

fix histedit -m on a commit which only changes filemode bits The commit was being miscategorized as a no-op change and dropped. Now the commit is retained and its log message is updated as expected. ok op, jamsek

remove TODO item regarding 'got send -d' support in gotd

add TODO item for a histedit -m bug I have run into