Parse option -b

Pass arguments in a similar order

Improve default format

Implement -C and -C

Use DD_ATOM_AT() in comment

Abstract atoms.len

Abstract access to atoms.head

Use different name for data length

Use singular name

Use a single output function for all types

Remove abstractions

Merge diff_output.c into the main program

Use calloc(3) instead of setting allocated memory to 0

Only print (unified) header in unified format.

Remove unused `arbitrary_info'.

Declare variables at the beginning of scopes.

Compare pointers against NULL.

Pass all input argument as "struct diff_input_info". While here do not use fallback and simply fail if no lenght is given.

Debug build by default

Check for errors before calling printing function.

Invert conditionnal and use 'continue' to improve readability.

Improve readability by using 'continue' in printing loop.

Compat goo for gmake/glibc/Linux

Makefile cleanup

Include my email