example for finding plus lines

fix patience: off-by-one preventing swallow the same identical line twice

results_test: fix output: print atom indexes, not file pos

assertions fixup: unused var for non-debug

include sys/types.h for size_t in our string.h compat header file

remove a bunch of overly verbose debug

fix result chunks: add minus above plus failed to shift "empty" positions

add test020

undup code to add result chunks

add sanity assertions around adding result chunks uncovers errors related to placing minus chunks above already added plus chunks.

add strlcat and strlcpy compat functions for Linux

add test117

fix patience crash: iron out overlapping identical-blocks on the right

remove stray blank line

patience debug

patience comments

cosmetic: patience: use local var 'r' for right atom

cosmetic: rename local var from 'r' to 'rc'

debug fix in diff_data_init_subsection

debug: fix missing quote

debug init subsection

debug fix after changing result->left,right to pointers

allow diff API users to atomize files separately This is a breaking API change (not that we care about that at this point). This can avoid redundant work spent on atomizing a file multiple times. There are use cases where one particular file must be compared to other files over and over again, such as when blaming file history. The old API gave access to both versions of the file to the atomizer just in case a future atomizer implementation needs this. This can still be achieved by passing a second file via the atomizer's private data pointer.

C++ function prototype support based on OpenBSD's diff(1) code

optimize diff_atom_same(): if hashes differ, return false