make the C tests compile and run on both OpenBSD and Linux

remove arraylist_test during 'gmake clean'

rename GNU-make-specific Makefile to GNUmakefile run all tests, then list all errors

run C tests in

add arraylist_test

add results_test.c

results: also combine chunks coming from temp_chunks

myers_divide: fix "inifite" looping over same box

debug: diff_myers.c: #if DEBUG, not if (DEBUG)


debug: diff_output_unidiff(): debug list all chunks

fix diff_algo_none(): no NULL pointers for left_start and right_start

diff_state_add_chunk(): fix adding minus above plus chunk: wrong idx

debug tweaks for diff_state_add_chunk()

diff_debug.h: drop unused vars

diff_algo_none(): also detect equal lines at the end

cosmetic: diff_algo_none(): rename to equal_lines_start

cosmetic: diff_algo_none: local pointers for shorter code

debug: fix "state size:" printing buf size

cosmetic: indents in diff_main.h

drop dangerous debug statement

test016: find more minimal test failure

fix unidiff output header in case both files have only one line

fix edscript diff output for empty files