Revert "Remove __linux__ shim" This reverts commit 4db88d74a79c9f7a3b792d21e337d36621a2370a.

remove code dup of diff_main() invocation for plain vs unidiff

add test010, test011

Only print (unified) header in unified format.

Remove unused `arbitrary_info'.

diff_divide_myers_forward(): less indent by 'continue'

diff_output_unidiff(): less indent by 'continue'

Compat goo for gmake/glibc/Linux

Remove __linux__ shim

Kill unused variables

Fix macro diff_atom_*idx return value types The macros sometimes returned unsigned int (atoms.len) or long int ((ATOM) - head). Make that always unsigned int, with some range checks against negative values.

diff.c: move two #include to the top


set myers fallback to myers_divide

linux_Makefile: gprof

patience: reduce sections by swallowing identical lines before LCS

move struct range defs to diff_main.h (prep for upcoming patch)

lib/linux_Makefile: -O3

debug: dump at most 42 lines

debug: dont dump too large myers graphs

dont escape tabs in text output

myers: permit ~4Mb of state

switch default to unidiff

initial commit