portable: macos: look for gnu bison harder When checking for GNU Bison (and presumably other) toolchain commands on MacOS, ther's two main systems most users use. Brew, and Ports. Both of these take different approaches when building software, and although a Portsfile exists for -portable now, those users who don't use that directly, or use brew, and try and build -portable from git directly, will likely be at the mercy of ./configure being able to go off and find the appropriate tools. Therefore, ./configure *tries* to be smart about handling this, and will go and check if brew(1) is installed and try and use that to determine the likely path for where it puts its software. Indeed, for MacPorts, the story is very different, and although some users might therfore use --prefix to ./configure to determine this path, there is an overloaded assumption between --prefix meaning where the binaries are to be installed, and --prefix meaning "go and look elsewhere for other applications". At some point, a dedicated configure option might be required. Reported by grey and jamsek.

portable: tidy/add summary Remove some unneeded comments which were references to files. Add a quick summary output at the end of ./configure which will aid with CI debugging.

portable: set next version

Release 0.75

portable: use a release variable for tarballs When creating a release tarball, use a GOT_RELEASE variable to determine the version of the release.

portable: gotwebd: install to sbin When installing gotwebd, put this under ${prefix}/sbin

tog: make headline highlight extend the full view width In splitscreen mode, make the active view headline highlight extend the full width of view->ncols. While here, format the tree view header like the blame view by moving the index to the path line. suggested by and ok stsp@

tog: extend log view author highlight colour to full field width ok stsp@

Xr httpd.conf

document gotwebd command line options

fix documentation of gotwebd.conf default path

bump version number

CHANGES for 0.75

gotwebd: fix briefs navigation broken in 4a9629420 got_get_repo_commits iterates over the commits and build a queue for later display. My previous memleak fix moved the TAILQ_INSERT_TAIL *before* the logic to exit the loop and so it broke the pagination. This fixes it by delaying the insertion into the queue, but also by moving the check for the "previous" button after we've opened the commit. ok tracey

gotwebd: percent-encode generated URLs This adds a new helper function `gotweb_link' that outputs an HTML link with the parameter correctly escaped. ok stsp@

sync distfile list

portable: maintscript: wrap nproc Wrap nproc for non-Linux systems so this script can run on, say, FreeBSD.

portable: maintscript: use env for bash Set this script's shebang line to use env to look for bash, as bash isn't always guaranteed to be installed to /bin, especally on BSD systems.

gotwebd: add missing closing for div tags_content reported by the W3C validator.

free the return of got_repo_get_path_objects{,_pack}

gotwebd: plug leak in got_output_repo_tree