portable: add repo version to main string When compiling got-portable from source, outside of an official release tarball, it's often helpful to know which commit the binary was built from, especially for diagnostic purposes. This adds an extra hook to AC_INIT to derive whether -portable is being built in-tree or via a release tarball.

fix name clash in gotwebd Rename GOT_PACK_NUM_TEMPFILES in gotwebd, since it clashes with a name already used in lib/repository.c. ok tracey

tog: uppercase alpha key maps that open new views ok stsp@

tog: reset view->offset when clearing log view state Don't move the selection cursor due to a bogus offset after closing child views following use of 'B', C-l, and backspace log view key maps. ok stsp@

tog: use view->resize idiom to ensure log is populated Replace view->mode == TOG_VIEW_LOG checks for requesting commits to populate the log view with calls to view->resize(). ok stsp@

reset committer during rebase and histedit ok op@

call time(3) just once in commit_worktree(), not twice

tog: populate new child view log lines when switching split When switching a child log view from a h- to a v-split, new log lines are empty. Rather than (mis)trace height and (not) call request_log_commits(), let resize_log_view() do the math and request commits if needed to draw new lines. ok op@

do not forget to free(cwd) at the end of cmd_rebase() and cmd_histedit()

fix wrong error return in cmd_commit()

comment tweak

got_repo_pack_fds_close: don't close(0) got_repo_pack_fds_close will try to close all of the GOT_PACK_NUM_TEMPFILES fds, even the ones that didn't manage to get a value from got_opentempfd(), which would result in a close(0) if we do not initialize to -1 here.

Correctly track if we sent more data since the last time we looked. With the narrow scope of bytes_sent_cur it would always be zero, and we would always update progress. Found by llvm's scan-build (Dead store). OK stsp

portable: MacOS: export env from configure Compiling -portable on MacOS directly would never have worked, as the environment was only being set when run under CI. Move these checks into so that they propagate out to make, etc. Noticed by cjones on IRC.

portable: remove stray .orig files These shouldn't have been commited, and probably predate when the .gitignore file was updated to filter out .orig files.

portable: gotwebd: add headers to EXTRA_DIST Add the header files under gotwebd to EXTRA_DIST so that they're included in the distribution tarball.

portable: update READMEs with release info Document how to release a new `-portable` version.

portable: explain how to sync/update -portable Add a section to the README files explaining how -portable is maintained.

portable: maintscript: add GH remote Ensure that the remote GH repo is fetched from.

Prevent use-after-free of packed_refs_path in error path. Found by llvm's scan-build. OK stsp

Prevent memory leak when asprintf fails. Found by llvm's scan-build. OK stsp

Make sure got_repo_pack_fds_close() frees a malloc'ed pointer. Found by llvm's scan-build (bad free). OK stsp

If the first readdir() returns NULL err is uninitialized. This can't happen in practice, but llvm's scan-build doesn't know this. OK stsp

We don't care about the length of the read line. Found by llvm's scan-build (dead store). OK stsp

Do not ignore error from got_pathlist_append. Found by llvm's scan-build (dead store). OK stsp