regress: provide a sed wrapper In order to portably handle the difference in how 'sed -i' works between *BSD and Linux, provide a wrapper to invoke the underying system sed(1) based on which OSTYPE is in use.

regress: use gdate/gln if on *BSD To minimise the amount of churn between the difference in date(1) and ln(n) semantics, use gdate and gln from coreutils.

regress: enable tests Enable the compilation and execution of the tests under regress/

portable: propagate AM_CFLAGS/AM_CPPFLAGS Compiling with warnings and certain compiler flags is important for security and bug-free code. Set a bunch of warnings via AM_CFLAGS in a common Makefile, and let those values propagate to all other Makefiles. While here, also fix the version string to remove quotes.

add an xfail test for a bug in merging content with a dot on a line by itself

add test for merge result when lines are inserted at the top of a file Based on a patch by Omar Polo

sync files from diff.git 346d4986568ffbcfdc53cce45dd8a468535a68f2

add support for multiple path arguments to 'got diff' positive feedback from Omar and kn ok kn

link to the FastCDC paper from deltify.c; suggested by Ori some time ago

make the number of elements in deltify's geartab explicit

Ignore tags files OK stsp

Provide lib/Makefile to enable tags file generation The root Makefile does not hook into lib/ via <> since it is not a program itself and thus gets included by all others. This means `make tags` skips lib/ and `make -C lib/ tags` does not know what to do; provide a minimal <> stub and hook it up just for the "tags" such that *all* source is browsable via tags. See /usr/share/mk/bsd.README for details. Feedback stsp tb OK tb

plug memory leaks in got-fetch-pack and got-send-pack ok naddy

let 'got fetch' send all references to the server to avoid redundant downloads Problem reported by naddy. ok naddy

Fix "mandoc -T lint -W style" nits

Document command aliases in tmux(1) style, add tags for navigation Complete 95f394e8917def2c11ce292b3a8f804d261b1d12; reminder to look at gotadmin(1) from stsp, thanks.

ignore unversioned files while aborting rebase, histedit, merge or operations ok jrick

Fix "mandoc -T lint -W style got/got.1" nits

Document command aliases in tmux(1) style, add tags for navigation This has the advantage of tags being located right by the full command; combined with tags ":tco" to search for the `co` alias will jump right to the `checkout` line, neatly showing everything without needing further navigation. tmux hint from Thomas Adam, thanks. OK stsp

update 'got merge' TODO item

bump version number

CHANGES for 0.61

sync dist file list

skip ignored directories during 'got status' disk crawl

add histedit -e option which runs the 'edit' script command for every commit ok jrick