link to commit notifications mailing list

update ubuntu package link

seems the nixos package URL has changed

add chirpysoft repository mirror

sync man pages

gentoo/guru and liguros packages have been removed, remove links

link to chimera package

close </a> tag correctly

portable: release 0.99

publish got 0.99

the FreeBSD port has switched to the portable version

remove references to from the web site

typo fix; spotted by grey

portable: release 0.98.2

portable: release 0.98.1 Fixes a missing header file.

portable: release 0.98

portable: update link to NetBSD's cvsweb devel/got switched to -portable and devel/got-portable was removed.

mention HTTP support

sync man pages

publish got 0.98

git has a 'commit -p' command which some people use instead of 'add -p'

portable: release 0.97

sync manual pages

publish got 0.97

portable: update link to Alpine's APKBUILD This now resides in the community repository.